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Neil Gaiman Confirms Movie Talks For Sandman, American Gods

samzenpus posted about 8 months ago | from the even-nothing-cannot-last-forever dept.

Movies 35

An anonymous reader writes "Neil Gaiman has confirmed that things are finally coming together for a Sandman movie adaptation. Fresh on the release of a new issue of Sandman, the popular graphic novel that he first started back in 1988, Gaiman told CNN that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has agreed to produce the Sandman movie, and that both his knowledge and commitment 'impressed the hell out of me.' Gaiman also confirmed new progress on adapting American Gods into a TV series. 'People are being talked to, exciting things are going on,' Gaiman tells CNN, teasing that its current status is still 'wait and see.'"

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Endless (4, Insightful)

kruach aum (1934852) | about 8 months ago | (#46742011)

I dream about the destiny of this movie, whether it will be the delerium I desire, or the death and destruction I despair it will be.

Re:Endless (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46742063)

I dream about the destiny of this movie, whether it will be the delerium I desire, or the death and destruction I despair it will be.

I am delighted to hear you say this.


Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46742827)

I dream of a slashdot free from autoplaying adds that make noise.

Re:Endless (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46743249)

Who the fuck is this "Kneel Gay Man"? Slashdot should explain who these nobodies are.

Re:Endless (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46744489)


Like "Anansi boys" better than "American Gods" (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46742017)

Somehow the light and Mystic tone of "Anansi boys" fit the subject much better for me than the somewhat darker "American Gods" As for Sandman, I haven't read any of it, but it is on my to-read list.

Re:Like "Anansi boys" better than "American Gods" (1)

TheRaven64 (641858) | about 8 months ago | (#46744917)

I enjoyed both, but I cringe at the thought of a movie version of either. If you have a description-heavy novel that's about 100 pages long, you can just about cram it into a movie. Anything longer, and you have to be quite aggressive about the cutting. Both Anansi Boys and American Gods have splits that would let them work quite well as a miniseries, but I can't imagine them as films without so much abridgement that they may as well be different stories. I've also not read Sandman, so I can't comment on that.

Re:Like "Anansi boys" better than "American Gods" (1)

rochrist (844809) | about 8 months ago | (#46747481)

Sandman could perhaps work as a GoT-type high end HBO or Showtime series.

Re:Like "Anansi boys" better than "American Gods" (1)

Bing Tsher E (943915) | about 8 months ago | (#46745665)

I bought the Sandman comic books ("graphic novels"???) as they came out. Didn't start until about issue 17 tho, so I read the first series in digest form.

I worry about what the sausage mill that is Hollywood will do with the stories.

Slashdot confirms Beta (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46742141)

Dice has you by the nut sack.

Nigger funding day (-1)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46742197)

Don't forget that Tuesday, April 15th is the day you have to pay your nigger funding money. Officially called taxes this money only goes to niggers that fuck all day and have all the babies they can with as many niggers as they can to waste the hard working white man's money. Protest these nigger fees today.

Hyperion (3, Interesting)

fph il quozientatore (971015) | about 8 months ago | (#46742483)

What happened to the Hyperion movie, by the way?

Re:Hyperion (3, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46743787)

The website hyperionmovie.com seems to have last been updated in October 2010, and what they had there was not super substantial in the first place. My guess? Deader than the City of Poets. More dead than God's Grove or Hebron. Makes the flippin' interiors of Labyrinth worlds after the Opus Dei look positively lively.

Seriously, I think someone took a good look at the idea of covering a Priest, Poet, Soldier, Scholar, Detective, and Consul (six major viewpoint characters) and giving them intelligible stories and arcs in even a LOTR-trilogy-length movie duration, along with a seventh plot about Ousters invading and an eigth about the second Keats cybrid, and half a plot about the journey to the Time Tombs from the ship, threw up their hands, and decided to rewrite the whole thing as a Game of Thrones-style TV season or three. I wouldn't blame them if they did - the source material resembles the sci-fi version of A Song of Ice and Fire in terms of narrative structure.

Re:Hyperion (3, Informative)

fph il quozientatore (971015) | about 8 months ago | (#46744667)

The website hyperionmovie.com seems to have last been updated in October 2010, and what they had there was not super substantial in the first place. My guess? Deader than the City of Poets. More dead than God's Grove or Hebron. Makes the flippin' interiors of Labyrinth worlds after the Opus Dei look positively lively.

The twitter account @hyperionmovie (probably managed by a marketing person) has seen the last activity on October last year, so let's still hope! Maybe it's only dead as a dead pope.

Re:Hyperion (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46745629)

Or the Therion movie......... :> :> :> :> :>

Re:Hyperion (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46745677)

Still in the Titans business? Long time no see. ;]

A New issue of Sandman (came out two weeks ago)! (1, Informative)

destinyland (578448) | about 8 months ago | (#46743135)

Re:A New issue of Sandman (came out two weeks ago) (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46743953)

And it comes with a shiny new referral link!

Non-referral link [amazon.com] .

I remember over a decade ago, when every book and movie review on /. was filled with spammy messages full of referral links. Hope that doesn't happen again.

Strange (1)

Curupira (1899458) | about 8 months ago | (#46743647)

It seems a lot of people voted on this story, but nobody comments. :-\

Re:Strange (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46744049)

What's to say? We all know it will be crap. And then in 10 years they'll reboot it again, and it will be crap, again. It's what they do. It's all they do.

Series/Movie Reversed? (2)

RyanFenton (230700) | about 8 months ago | (#46743649)

American Gods was an interesting take on mythology, similar to Wolf Among Us, but with gods bumming around in human lives instead of Grimm tales animals.

It seems like that one would be the better one for a movie - the amusement of seeing gods depicted with human lives would could keep fresh with new and stranger gods, perhaps with some strong personalities popping in and out as they died... but none of it seems like it could keep as fresh as, well, endless dreams with a touch of the Twilight Zone. Every story would be its own universe, with a slow thread of Dream's own tale coming in a few times a season. Sort of a mix between Doctor Who and Twilight Zone, really, jumping around in time and reality to explore both humanity through strange eyes.

They could both make decent movies - it's just American Gods was put together as a single story revealing the nature of the gods being depicted in a clear arc, and Sandman was designed as an endlessly serialized exploration of timelessness and dream, with overlapping story arcs.

I'd be more than glad to see either of them explored though - it's always nice to see stories that twists the usual equations of power to produce a more interesting exploration of humanity than just who is powerful. Both these stories feature characters beyond the usual definition of power, and even morality, and use them to push the other characters into more poignant territory.

In any case, here's hoping the series get good enough writers to match the exploration that these kinds of stories demand, without slipping into the common pitfalls we've been seeing with Superman/Heroes/etc, with world-shaping levels of power. When in doubt, at least they can copy Doctor Who/Twilight Zone.

Ryan Fenton

Re:Series/Movie Reversed? (1)

dbIII (701233) | about 8 months ago | (#46743805)

It seems like that one would be the better one for a movie

I think a movie is too short to get much out of American Gods. The story in the novel doesn't need much in the way of special effects or exotic locations so you could probably get a lot of episodes for the same price as one movie and be able to cover more than one major idea out of the book.
Sandman IMHO is easier to cut a movie sized chunk out of.
Either way, Neil Gaiman has done a lot with TV series and at least three Hollywood movies (which is why he's saying 'wait and see') so unless he gets cut out of the loop it's likely to work out well. If he gets to write the script it's likely to turn out very well, barring actors that demand more screen time with a silly "the captain's a transvestite, how interesting, can we get back to the story now please?"

Re:Series/Movie Reversed? (1)

Impy the Impiuos Imp (442658) | about 8 months ago | (#46746511)

Nah American Gods is perfect for a modern TV series. They had so damned many with so many funky personalities and behaviors you couldn't really touch on most in a movie.

This will give ample opportunity to explore all the flashback origins and other historical incidents inbetween the ongoing storyline.

Re:Series/Movie Reversed? (1)

alexander_686 (957440) | about 8 months ago | (#46746751)

About a year ago the idea for American Gods was to make this a HBO series. The first season would be about 10 episodes and cover the book. Not sure what the plans were for the next 6 seasons but Neil said he had something up his sleeve.

The HBO project has been officially killed but I would not be surprised if something similar cropped up for the American Gods TV shows.

For Sandman, I have no idea. There have been some horrible scripts floating out there since the early 90s but I don’t think that is what is going forward.

RE: Series/Movie Reversed? (1)

Roland (61) | about 8 months ago | (#46757591)

Both would probably do better as a series since they create developed realities with lots of potential for 'new' story lines. Sandman does have much more of a limited story arc overall, where American Gods, as well as I recall doesn't really. For an American Gods series, I'm concerned it would just be like Supernatural, which really comes off as somebody wanted to do a Hellblazer or American Gods series, but couldn't get permission.

--Why not comment ever few years..

Neil, Meet Alan (1)

Princeofcups (150855) | about 8 months ago | (#46743863)

Will Neil fare any better than Alan Moore when it comes to Hollywood? I doubt it. No matter what the screen play looks like when it is green lighted, the finished product will the same crap formula, with the ending reworked three times after subpar audience screenings.

Re:Neil, Meet Alan (1)

firex726 (1188453) | about 8 months ago | (#46744081)

Well there was the Coraline book that most people felt was a good adaptation, and he has written for Babylon 5 and Doctor Who which were also well regarded.

Re:Neil, Meet Alan (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 months ago | (#46744743)

Movies based on Alan Moore graphic novels have sucked because Alan Moore is an idiot. He could have easily retained creative control of his movies and we wouldn't have to suffer through the Johnny Depp's Inspector Frederick Abberline that would have been beaten to death for his haircut by his coworkers or Sean Connery's portrayal of the never done a bit of opium in his life Allan Quatermain.

Re:Neil, Meet Alan (1)

ISoldat53 (977164) | about 8 months ago | (#46746713)

See Stardust. Great book hacked to death as a movie.

Re:Neil, Meet Alan (1)

alexander_686 (957440) | about 8 months ago | (#46746797)

Yes. Neil has done some good stuff already.

Alan Moore has had a horrible experience with Hollywood. Some of that is Hollywood, some of that is Moore being an anarchist who does not play well with corporations or other people. He has a hard time sharing.

I've got a bad feeling about this (2)

Harvey Manfrenjenson (1610637) | about 8 months ago | (#46744295)

The story told in the main Sandman arc (which takes up ~75 issues and 10 trade paperbacks) is not something that you can adapt to a feature film. It's too long and complex and the pieces are too beautifully interdependent.

Part of what makes Sandman brilliant is the way in which Gaiman introduces a dozen different plots and subplots, and somehow manages to tie them together by the end. When you first read the Sandman books, many of them seem to be self-contained or episodic in nature... but by the time you've gotten to The Kindly Ones, you realize that the stories aren't self-contained at all. Almost everything in the 75 issues of Sandman (well, let's say 90% of it) is designed to set up a single, very focused story about Morpheus and the decision he must make. Everything is either required for the plot, or it's required for thematic reasons.

Just to take one example: the whole sub-plot about Hob is designed to tell us something about Dream's isolation and how he deals with it. Without that, the events of The Kindly Ones don't make quite as much sense.

There's a better solution, which is just to tell Gaiman to write some more Sandman stories for the screen. We've established that the Endless hang around for billions of years and on billions of worlds-- surely there are a few more stories to tell? It's not that much of an ask. Gaiman has decided over the years that he doesn't mind going back to the Sandman well now and then (often with good results-- I thought Endless Nights was great, for example).

Oh yeah, and Cumberbatch for Morpheus (Gaiman himself said it was a good idea). Linda Hunt for Despair.

Don't get too excited just yet (1)

91degrees (207121) | about 8 months ago | (#46744857)

This is just discussions. There are a lot of stages to go through until filming actually starts. You need funding, a distributor, and lots of other things need to be right, and can be pulled away at any time.

Sandman or Endless or Death or Rose or Barbie? (1)

rjejr (921275) | about 8 months ago | (#46746457)

No way no how can they make a Sandman movie covering 75 comics. so what storyline do they cover? Sandman's capture and subsequent freedom to start (Preludes and Nocturnes) would be the least interesting as all he does is whine. The Corinthian and his fellow serial killers (Doll's House) is worthy of it's own black comedy but would need to be done completely in black and white cartoon format like Sin City or Aeon Flux. A proper Death film could single handedly resurrect goth, but no way to do it properly. The witches in the apartment complex (Doll's House) are deserving of a faux documentary, but I see Depp as the Cuckcoo directed by Tim Burton and it's all turned into a bad Alice in Wonderland flick. I can't imagine any of the later storylines as a stand alone film. Rose has always been one of my favorites and I remember wanting to see a film about her staring Rose McGowan (who in her prime could also have played Death). Most important thing about a Sandman film, the least he's in it the better. A great character, but he's Rod Sterling in Twilight Zone.

"Neil Gaiman has confirmed that things are finally (1)

Blossom Square (3608145) | about 8 months ago | (#46778293)

good job www.blossomsquare.com "Neil Gaiman has confirmed that things are finally coming together for a Sandman movie adaptation.

Anansi Boys... (1)

smithmc (451373) | about 8 months ago | (#46787747)

...somebody should get moving on an adaptation of Anansi Boys, too. But definitely American Gods, first.
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